Our Story

Who is Gianna

Gianna Jewellery, a boutique manufacturing company, was established in 2004 by Armenian-born brothers Mike and Joseph Saatji.

With decades of collective experience, the experts at Gianna offer production support for an array of jewellery brands. We believe in preserving and celebrating jewellery-making skills, expanding knowledge, and sharing all these facets with our customers.

In our specially outfitted facilities in Bangkok, we design, mold, and produce pieces of the finest jewellery. Our turnkey operation is designed to accommodate a wide variety of jewellery-making needs.

What we do create

Our luxury design collection, overseen by COO of Gianna jewellery, Hosep Saatji, has a very distinctive elegance giving the essence of fine luxury tailored to the everyday woman with quality, that surpasses all expectations.

Visually pleasing and inspiring pieces of jewellery with a focus on simplicity and quality craftsmanship. Jewellery that has an underlying purpose and meaning.

Gianna jewellery forges together a unique and refreshing multicultural perspective to the jewellery design world,  inspired by two Armenian brothers who  grew up in Middle East and who now call Thailand home. This unique and distinctive background has inspired a very exquisite, original and impeccable collection.

Our philosophy​

Gianna Jewellery is committed to maintaining and promoting responsible and ethical behavior in relation to human rights and financial, social, and environmental practices.

We are fully committed to ensure that all sources of supply chain are ethical, legitimate, from conflict-free areas, and respecting human rights.

We practice in complaint with local and international anti-bribery, against money laundering and human rights abuse through all the supply chains.

We act with transparency and accountability and promote this standard throughout the industry. Gianna Jewellery is fully committed to a responsible code of practice in jewellery-making.

Mike & Joseph Saatji

Our Services

Our diamonds are responsibly sourced through reputable, ethical agents who strictly adhere to the Kimberley Process, which unites administrations, civil societies, and industries in reducing the trade of conflict diamonds. Our colored gemstones are responsibly sourced from around the world and are checked and assorted by our gemologist.

Stone Sourcing

Accomplished, highly trained technicians push the technical boundaries of design, using the latest technology to create computer models of your ideas, transforming your designs into reality. Our 3D-printing machinery enables the precise crafting of wax molds based on designer sketches.

3D Design Development and Printing

Images have the power to transport a potential customer like words never could. Images portray mood, style, tone, and experience, elegantly building an expectation of what your business can deliver. Our professional photography services deliver exceptional polish for a truly dazzling marketing campaign.

Photography and Campaigns

Setting serviceSetting service

Our stone setters are trained in traditional methods of setting, including micro pavé for jewellery requiring immense precision. Under a microscope, we make sure every stone is perfectly set.

Setting Service


Our craftsmen ensure each piece is as flawless as possible. Casting tree molds are filled with 14K-18K liquefied gold and heated with the utmost care and precision.

Casting Service

Get an example

How to check the product quality? Email or Call us to purchase the example ring from the video to see the quality of our work.

You can find out all the conditions for purchasing a ring by contacting us through the communication means specified below.

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